lower drinking age?

Lower the Drinking Age

                In my opinion the drinking age should be lowered. There are many reasons why it would be a good idea to lower the drinking age.

                If the drinking age would be lowered there would be less underage driving and this means less fatalities. Kids have to sneak to parties and most of the time the kid doesn’t stay at the party. There are kids that leave parties to go home to make a curfew that their parents set for them. So if they were allowed to drink they could just tell their parents where they’re going and stay there. If they were allowed to stay they wouldn’t have to drive and put themselves at risk. When they drive not only will they put themselves at risk they would put other drivers on the road that night at risk to be in an accident.

                A reason to think about is if an eighteen year old kid can join the military and risk their lives serving our country then why can’t they enjoy a nice cold one? Eighteen is the age you’re considered to be an adult so why aren’t you treated as an adult in some aspects? In society they think that you’re not responsible enough to drink alcohol. So if you risk your life for your country you should be allowed sit around and drink a nice cold one.

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